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Updated: Dec 1, 2021



Alex Russell is one of Adelaide Dodgeball’s newest players, having only been playing for less than a year. He is currently working at a private psychology practice up North but enjoys spending his free time partaking in hobbies such as fishing, hiking, and bouldering. His dodgeball pump-up song is "Feel the Love" by Kids See Ghosts.

Being new to the community, his natural skill still earned him a spot on the long-time A grade team, Motherduckers, and has played with them for 2 seasons now.

Alex has fond memories of playing dodgeball in school. He has played numerous sports in his adult life however none have come close to the feeling of pure electrifying joy from throwing balls at his peers. With more free time on his hands this year, he googled where he could play dodgeball in Adelaide and joined the first season he could.

As a newcomer, his favourite player to watch and learn from is Martin Badcock of Nicks and Morty, because of his survivability skills and ability to dodge and track multiple balls.

From an outside perspective, joining a sporting community by yourself is extremely admirable. His advice for anyone who might still be on the fence about joining dodgeball is to just give it a go. It is a diverse sport and has something for everyone. Alex sums up dodgeball well by saying “it has a really relaxed but competitive atmosphere. Everyone is here to have fun, but you still want to win.”

Alex’s future goals include wanting to build up his catching skills as he feels as though this aspect of the game is crucial to competitive play. A true believer of the phrase “catches win matches”. He has also recently started playing cloth dodgeball and thoroughly enjoying it due to the fast pace and varied blocking styles.

We're all excited to watch Alex progress as a player.

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