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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

David Meaden #09


David Meaden has been playing dodgeball for roughly 4 years. After recovering from rupturing his ASL a few years ago he now currently plays for ‘Winx Club’ in Adelaide Dodgeball’s competitive Sunday league and played for ‘Mitcham Mantarays’ in the South Australian Dodgeball League.

Currently completing a Masters of Secondary Teaching at university he also enjoys playing video games, board games, and writing in his spare time. In fact, he was once the third-best Lucario in Super Smash Brawl in Australia.

Attending the Asia Pacific Invitational held in New Zealand in 2019, David was able to watch players from other countries and especially enjoyed watching Eric Stone from Team USA. On a somewhat bias opinion, because he was lucky enough to get his jersey, Eric also possessed a level of on-court presence that David found admirable. Demanding attention on court and punishing anyone who dared to ignore him with a cannon counter, he was an inspirational player.

If you have not met David yet, you have heard his voice commentating if you tune in to Adelaide Dodgeball’s grand final live streams. His favourite highlights have been an incredible dive catch made by Sakura Lim of ‘Unicorn Ryders’ and his own power play getting a double catch against ‘Motherduckers’ last season.

There have been moments where we have thought that David has super glue on his hands, however, he is just an incredibly skilled catcher. Despite this, David’s other biggest strength on the court is his countering abilities. “My advice to improve on countering would be to start your throwing action on a counter as the opposition’s wrist is passing their elbow. This usually means they are too far gone in their throwing action to react to your throw. My extra piece of advice is to come out and watch games and see how other people throw... especially the people you play against.”

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