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Updated: Nov 17, 2021



Don Brown has played dodgeball for a total of 7 years, however, only 3 of those have been based in Adelaide. Currently working for the Australian Defence Force, he also enjoys a range of board and trading card games, watching anime, and isn't afraid to treat himself to some retail therapy.

Don currently plays for ‘Motherduckers’ in Adelaide Dodgeball’s competitive Sunday league, ‘Plympton Pirates’ in the South Australian Dodgeball League (SADL) and represents South Australia in the Victorian Dodgeball League for ‘South Australian Serpents’.

While living in Melbourne, he had an acquaintance from KFC tell him that his friend had a dodgeball league running in Greensborough, Victoria. He filled in for his friend’s team and was instantly hooked after the first game.

Always looking to improve his gameplay, Don has said that his favourite player to watch is Taz K from ‘Unicorn Ryders’ as they share very similar play styles and finds watching his games helps him to figure out what he needs to adjust for his own games.

Reflecting on his time representing South Australia playing for ‘South Australian Serpents’ at the 2019 Australian Dodgeball Championships, one of his favourite dodgeball highlights was managing to pull back a 1 v 3 to survive and finish a set that lasted 8 minutes. Not surprising at all to anyone who has seen Don play!

In true Don style, his favourite thing about dodgeball is seeing others improve their game after attending training. He comes from a sporting background, so constantly improving himself to become the best he can be is what he strives for most, and seeing others do the same brings him immense joy.

Working in the Australian Defence Force there are many setbacks for Don, however, he is determined to make the Australian men’s squad, whether it be foam or cloth he won’t discriminate.

As proven earlier, Don’s biggest strength is being able to defeat multiple opponents. With this comes advice that I’m sure many are grateful to hear:

1. Stay calm and focused! Take them out one by one. If you play the set right, you will only have to worry about three possible throwers.

2. Believing that you can win – something simple as just believing you can do something can almost eliminate any second-guessing on a play. Being so focused on performance, your body just falls back naturally on your training.

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