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Updated: Nov 17, 2021



Jenne Tran has been playing Dodgeball for roughly 3 years now. She currently captains and plays for ‘Winx Club’ in Adelaide Dodgeball’s competitive Sunday league, ‘Gawler Gangstas’ in the South Australian Dodgeball League (SADL) and is also representing South Australia in the current Victorian Dodgeball League, playing for and managing the ‘South Australian Serpents’.

She is currently a Neuroscience PhD student and enjoys weight training, binge eating, and indulging in true crime in her spare time.

Her favourite court position is wing because she “gets to be scary, counter heavy and protecc”. When asked who her favourite player to watch is, she chose Marty Badcock from ‘Bort’ because “he moves like an IKEA flat pack and I wanna learn cool moves”.

Jenne represented Australia at the World Dodgeball Championships playing on the Women’s team in 2019. Her future goals and ambitions include wanting to be a part of the Women’s squad again in the coming years.

A highly motivated, and very admirable player, she wishes to continue to tweak and improve all of her skills and strategy until she no longer feels the need to hesitate against anyone on court and be the fastest women’s rusher. Through committed training and self-motivation, Jenne has an impressive top throwing speed of 104 km/h.

Her greatest strength in dodgeball is court presence and when asked to provide tips for anyone else wanting to improve this skill she said: “Punish anyone who has the audacity to take a cross-court counter in front of you. Fake infrequently but effectively. Know when to fake and with what intention. For example: 1. Fake to disrupt opponents' throw. 2. Fake to set up a team throw. 3. Fake while backtracking to prevent someone from running you down.”

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