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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Matt Reinhardt #22


Matt Reinhardt was Adelaide Dodgeball’s first registered player when it was first established in 2016. He saw a Facebook event and turned up for the first ‘Come and Try’ held. Showing natural talent to the sport, and being too advanced for other newcomers, league owners Rosie Everett and Jacques Ryan came on court to put him in his place. That was the moment that he knew he wanted to improve and fell in love with the sport.

Matt captained and played for four-time A grade final winners ‘Bort’ in Adelaide Dodgeball’s competitive Sunday league. Also captaining season runner-ups, ‘Burnside Mummies’ in the South Australian Dodgeball League (SADL).

An assistant cook during the day, he also enjoys swimming, video games, and hiking.

Being a league manager for Adelaide Dodgeball he has a lot of time to watch everyone’s games and has also dedicated himself to recording games at the Sunday league for the Adelaide Dodgeball YouTube channel.

His favorite playstyle to watch in-game is “fast” and “zippy” players, noting that he enjoys watching players such as Dylan James from ‘Drama Llamas’ and Jenne Tran from ‘Winx Club’ as they are extremely fluent.

He loves the unpredictability of the sport and how “no two players or games are ever the same, leading to high adrenaline and entertaining games”. A prime example of this is the one-handed catch he made in a grand final match against ‘Motherduckers’.

Matt invisions himself playing on the Australian men’s squad at the next World Dodgeball Championship, and hoping to be men’s squad captain. Later down the track he wants to spread his knowledge further, and be a coach for the Australian women’s squad. As a highly respected player, I think everyone can agree that we can definitely see this happening!

Matt’s greatest dodgeball strength is his speed and ingenuity. “I have good speed on the court and utilize it to get an advantage over my opponents. I can see events playing out on the court and bend the situation as I want it to play out.” His advice on this skill set for anyone who wishes to improve would be “Making sure the game plays out the way you want it to is the best way to achieve results on the court, as it’ll be when you’re at your best.

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