Keeping Up With The Serpents

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


SA Serpents make a slithering return to the Victorian scene and secure two wins in Round 1!


First game:

VS. Albion Asteroids (VDL1) Won 7-3

Second game:

VS. Fitzroy Phantoms (VDL1) Won 9-4


The Serpents 2021 VDL team presents a strong line-up, combining the forces of returning players and debuting recruits (Joe, Bee, Taz, and Clare). Going up against two experienced teams with vastly different playstyles, the Serpent’s adaptability and teamwork brought them ahead of the opposition. Bee Moran, set the tone for each set, accurately sniping the opposition on the opening rush while Joe Cescato pocketed a ridiculous number of catches.

Kicking off the season with a strong start (and lots of split chalk), the Serpents intend to maintain the momentum for upcoming rounds. I mean who wouldn’t be when you’re wearing slick kits designed by AKU!


Ky Meaden #31

Jenne Tran #08

Don Brown #33

Clare Van Rossen #28

Martin Badcock #27

Bee Moran #19

Taz Kaluarachchi #99

Joe Cescato #20

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