Keeping Up With The Serpents


SA Serpents with one more game in the bag, cutting it close and finishing with a draw!


third game:

VS. Doncaster north demons (VDL1) draw 5-5


With only one game in the second round, South Australian Serpents were up against Doncaster North Demons ready to jump on court and give it their all.

In a nail-biting match, with friends and family at home watching the live stream, the Serpents stayed on top of the Demons for a good portion of the game.

Finishing the game with a draw, and still walking away happy, the Serpents are definitely causing ripples in the Victorian Dodgeball League, showcasing the skill that South Australia has to offer.

Stay tuned to see how the Serpents fare in Round 3 this Saturday and see who will be making their debut on the team! (8th May 2021)


Ky Meaden #31

Jenne Tran #08

Don Brown #33

Clare Van Rossen #28

Martin Badcock #27

Bee Moran #19

Joe Cescato #20

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