Keeping Up With The Serpents


SA Serpents back in the swing of things!


sixth game:

VS. Doncaster Demons (VDL1) WIN 7-4 seventh game:

VS. Glen Waverley Gorillas (VDL1) loss 3-7


With uncertainty surrounding Round 4 due to covid restrictions, the South Australian Serpents were finally finding themselves heading to Victoria. With another two more games this round, Serpents were first up against Doncaster Demons. Proudly they managed to overcome their Demons and come out victorious with a finishing score of 7-4. Smart plays and an impressive ability to protect each other at all costs.

Their second game, unfortunately, had Serpents face their first loss against Glen Waverley Gorillas. Going down 3-7 they were defeated in score, but not in spirit. It was certainly a learning curve for the Serpents who are still sitting high on the ladder.


Ky Meaden #31

Jenne Tran #08

Don Brown #33

Clare Van Rossen #28

Martin Badcock #27

Bee Moran #19

Joe Cescato #20 Kienan McKay #02

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