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Congratulations to our Sunday League Season 15 Winners

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

With twenty-four teams across four divisions battling it out to be in the Grand Finals, our venue was packed with spectators last night as we all watched eagerly to see who would be victorious.

Amidst all the dodgeball we have had as of late - with the introduction of Cloth dodgeball to our community, National Team Trials, and the 2022 Australian Dodgeball Championships, our South Australian players still continue to impress us with their evergrowing talent.

Proudly, we announce our winners, runner-ups, and Best and Fairest winners from each division.


Division A

Winners: Nicks & Borty

Runners-up: Motherduckers

Best and Fairest Winners:

Taz Kaluarachchi from Nicks & Borty and Jimmy Law from AWC


Division B

Winners: Deatheaters

Runners-up: Dodging First Place

Best and Fairest Winner: Josh Bulte from Kachow


Division C

Winners: Bing Bong

Runners-up: The Incrediballs

Best and Fairest Winner: Alan Drewett from No Hit Sherlock


Division D

Winners: Christian Singles

Runners-up: Ligma

Best and Fairest Winner: Austin Walsh from Christian Singles


Are you interested in playing in our next season? Sign up at Season 16 starts on the 3rd of July, 2022.

Haven't played before, or are looking to recruit some new players? We have our Come and Try | Free Dodgeball Session on Sunday 26th of June, 2022 at 5 pm. This is a great event to engage with new players and get them on your team or a perfect time to get your friends to try the sport.



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