A fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled game, that is bound to get you addicted.

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Aggression is encouraged in this game because the goal is to eliminate all the opposition. Hit an opposing player on the full with a ball and they are out. Catch a player that attacks you and you will also get them out. Bonus: you get a player back in!

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Register for a Season

Register as team or an individual for any of the upcoming seasons. Generally new teams are orientated to the game during the Grading session, and put in the lowest Division to maximise the fun in their first experience. Jump in, we promise you'll love it!

Drop-in Sessions

Want to 'try before you buy'? Our drop-in sessions are the best way to play some Dodgeball before a new season has begun. We ensure every league has a session available every week. This is slightly adapted Dodgeball rules and completely newbie friendly!

Train and Learn

Run by the Adelaide Dodgeball Head Coach Ky Meaden all skill levels will be taught a variety of basic to advanced skills through practical and fun training drills. Whether you are new or play already we encourage you to drop in and try out training.

Be a Sub

Our teams look for subs through out the season. They post on our online Facebook Group when there's an opening. Just simply reply to a post and the captain will be in touch with you! It's a great way to gain experience on established teams in any division!

More Than A Community

More Than A Community

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Founded in 2016, Adelaide Dodgeball is South Australia’s largest Dodgeball community. Owned and operated by Rosie Everett, Adelaide Dodgeball currently runs adult mixed and gendered leagues in the inner North-East of Adelaide. We prioritise developing our league to be competitive and fair for all.


Adelaide Dodgeball hosts a number of exciting events and sessions ranging from regular Drop In Sessions, Come and Try Nights, Glow-in-the-Dark Tournaments, Halloween Dodgeball, Fundraiser Tournaments, Beach Dodgeball and Youth Dodgeball Sessions. We also run regular fitness and strategic training for players who are looking to get into the sport or improve their game.


Adelaide Dodgeball is a listed affiliate of the Australian Dodgeball Federation and a supporter of the World Dodgeball Federation.


To date - we have trained and supported 16 players who have represented Australia at the World Dodgeball Championships. Are you our next champion?


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