Who is Adelaide Dodgeball

Founded by Jacques Ryan (Australian Men's Bronze Medal Winner 2016) and Rosie Everett (Australian Women's Silver Medal Winner 2015) in 2016, Adelaide Dodgeball is South Australia’s largest Dodgeball community. We currently run adult mixed leagues in the inner North-East of Adelaide and are always looking for new locations. We prioritise developing our sports leagues to be competitive and fair for all. Adelaide Dodgeball hosts a number of exciting events ranging from regular Recruitment Nights, Glow-in-the-Dark Dodgeball, Halloween Dodgeball, Fundraiser Tournaments, Beach Dodgeball and regular fitness and strategic trainings for players. Adelaide Dodgeball is a listed affiliate of the Australian Dodgeball Federation and the World Dodgeball Federation. 

What is Dodgeball

Dodgeball is one of the fastest growing alternative sports in Australia. Originally a primary school game played across the world, the sport has grown into a competitive and serious sport in the last decade. It's a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled game that is bound to make you fit whilst having fun! The basics compromise of two teams of 6 people, who are only allowed to move on their half of the court. In order to win a set a team must eliminate the other team through a series of catches or throws at the opposing player. At Adelaide Dodgeball we subscribe to the World Dodgeball Federation ruleset.


How do I make a team with Adelaide Dodgeball

Before you join have a quick look at our rules, what location/night works best for you and consider whether you will join Adelaide Dodgeball as an individual (you will be assigned to an already existing team) or create your own team (a team compromises of a minimum of 6 people, with a maximum of 4 males on court at one time). Once you have decided on what you want head over to our 'Register' section, fill out the form and we will confirm your details with you as soon as possible!


How much does it cost

During seasons at Adelaide Dodgeball we charge the teams, not the individual. Each game fee is $60 per team, working out to be $10 per player for a minimum team of 6. This means the bigger your team, the cheaper it is for the individual! We also charge Annual Membership to all qualifying players. We also host a number of special sessions of Beach, Trampoline or Friendly Games. These are typically priced between $5 to $10 per player. We try to keep all prices affordable for our players and community.

What are your age limits

Our league are built to be played by adults with an age restriction to 16 and up. If you're under 16 don't fret, we do host a number of sessions that you are able to attend under parental/guardian supervision. We label everything either 'All Ages' or 'Adult' so make sure you check before attending if you are suitable to join in on the fun. 

Are you available for hire

Yes! Adelaide Dodgeball is available for corporate functions, fundraisers and parties! We provide the rules, the equipment, the referees and the fun! Prices are negotiable depending on location and time, so please get in contact with us!


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