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Congratulations to our Sunday League Season 12 Winners

We've had an amazing Season 12 with over 20 teams playing across 4 divisions since December 2020! After some nail-biting moments in each grand final, we are happy to announce the winners and runners-up for the season as well as our Best and Fairest award winners for each div!


Division A

Winners: Bort

Runners-up: Motherduckers

Best and Fairest Winner: Don Brown from Motherduckers


Division B

Winners: Dodgers & Dragons

Runners-up: Synergy

Best and Fairest Winner: Stefan Pavlovic from Synergy


Division C

Winners: Dodging First Place

Runners-up: Hot Dodgers

Best and Fairest Winner: Michael Goldfinch from Dodging First Place


Division D

Winners: Balls Deep

Runners-up: Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Best and Fairest Winners: Rusty Clarke from Balls Deep & Andrew McKeegan from Cloudy with a Chance of Dodgeballs


Interested in playing in our next season? Sign up at before April 16th 2021 to play in Season 13!



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