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Congratulations to our Sunday League Season 13 Winners

Season 13 was nothing short of spectacular with 26 teams competing across 5 divisions since May 2021. Finals this year was without a doubt one of our most exhilarating finals yet! With covid restrictions in place, our spectators watched on eagerly via live stream and competing teams did not fail to disappoint! We proudly announce our winners, runner-ups, and Best and Fairest winners from each division!


Division A

Winners: Motherduckers

Runners-up: Hot & Spicy

Best and Fairest Winners: Martin Badcock from Artful Dodgers and Joe Cescato from Hot & Spicy


Division B

Winners: Dodgers & Dragons

Runners-up: Drama Llamas

Best and Fairest Winner: Jarad Field from Drama Llamas


Division C

Winners: Chocolate Salty Balls

Runners-up: Raptor Squad

Best and Fairest Winner: Rusty Clark from Ball Stars


Division D

Winners: Ball Busters

Runners-up: Ka Chow

Best and Fairest Winner: Don Nguyen from Ball Busters


Division E

Winners: No Hit Sherlock

Runners-up: Ligma

Best and Fairest Winner: Duong Tran from Ligma


Interested in playing in our next season? Sign up at before August 27th to be put on the roster!

Also if you are looking to recruit some new players we have our Come and Try | Free Dodgeball Session on Sunday 22nd of August at 4pm. This is a great event to engage with new players and get them on your team or a perfect time to get your friends to try the sport.



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