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Congratulations to our Sunday League Season 16 Winners

Twenty-two teams across four divisions battled it out at the season sixteen grand finals. Adelaide Dodgeball is proud to announce our winners, runner-ups, and Best and Fairest winners from each division.

Division A Adelaide Dodgeball Winners - Team Unown
Division A Adelaide Dodgeball Winners - Unown


Division A

Winners: Unown

Runners-up: Dodgin Buus

Best and Fairest Winners:

Matt Reinhardt from Hot and Spicy


Division B

Winners: Beluga Bandidos

Runners-up: Carrion

Best and Fairest Winner: Andrew Vuong from Carrion & Ben Hore from Beluga Bandidos


Division C

Winners: Ligma

Runners-up: Hot Dodgers

Best and Fairest Winner: Lam Nguyen from Ligma


Division D

Winners: Throbocops

Runners-up: Drazen's Disciples

Best and Fairest Winner: Ben Malin from Throbocops


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Season 17 starts on the 13th of November 2022!

Haven't played before, or are looking to recruit some new players? We have training every Thursday! This is a great event to engage with new players and get them on your team or a perfect time to get your friends to try the sport.



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